Gareth Hutchins


London based freelance writer who’s had a fairly unhealthy obsession with film since being taken to see Back to the Future at the Cardiff Monaco way back in 1985. I fill the daytime hours working as a Business Director at a Media Agency (Mindshare), but my evenings are spent pouring the contents of my brain on to virtual paper for various publications such as Little White Lies Magazine, Rooftop Cinema, Spindle Magazine, Future Media Lab and for my own film blog (One Point Twenty One Gigawatts). I also write scripts, work as a freelance copywriter and I'm self publishing a kids book. I'm basically fuelled by coffee. "One Point Twenty One Gigawatts is probably my favourite film blog on the internet" Alexander III of Macedon 320 BC

Favourite Film

(s) - City of God, Fight Club or Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favourite Film Quote

“Without the bitter baby, the sweet ain’t so sweet”, Vanilla Sky


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