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Sean Evans CEO of Back To The Movies is a movie marketer and advertiser from Staffordshire in the UK who has worked with many top names in the movie industry both independent and studio based. Working from home Sean has established the Back To The Movies brand into a trusted resource to catch up on Independent news, reviews and more. Since creating the site not only has Sean managed to speak to some very well known famous faces but also got the chance to expand the site into a more production marketing resource with the site being used to promote certain indy films. Back to the Movies is now a central hub to raising money for independent film makers, promoting upcoming and release movies and providing a social media marketing platform for all industry professionals.

Favourite Film

American Pie - I grew up with Teen Comedy so its my favorite film and always will be :)

Favourite Film Quote

Favourite Film Quote - Samuel L Jackson's Diner monologue is my personal favorite


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