Tom Hiddleston revealed the impressive story of Thor: Ragnarok double knife-flip

Loki made the impressive flip in one sequence of the 2017 film alongside Idris Elba

Tom Hiddleston improvised the impressive double knife-flip that stole an action scene in Thor: Ragnarok.

In one sequence of the 2017 film, Hiddleston’s Loki character flips two knives at once in his hands – a moment that has stuck in fans’ memories.

Tom told Entertainment Weekly that the moment wasn’t choreographed by director Taika Waititi, but a moment of inspiration after he finished fighting off stuntmen before co-star Idris Elba.

“I ran out of choreography,” the 40-year-old actor said. “Basically, I think I finished my moves before Idris, and he was still rolling, and I didn’t want to just be standing there like a lemon, not doing anything interesting. So I just flipped the knives, and caught them by chance.”

The improvised act, which featured him looking straight into the camera without fumbling, remained in the final cut.

The High Rise star added: “Idris laughed about it. We watched it back. He was like, ‘Oh, god, he’s gone and done a knife flip at the end of it.’ Because he was finishing his fight moves. But, yeah, it ended up staying.

“I’ve since tried to do it. Every time I try to do it with wooden spoons, it never works, and I always drop one. So it was one of those things, but lightning never strikes twice.”

Tom reprises the role of Loki in his own standalone Disney+ series, which has made light of the trickster villain’s love of blades. The show’s sixth and final episode airs next Wednesday.

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