Tom Hardy got caught up watching Jodie Comer’s performance in The Bikeriders

Jeff Nichols stopped by Tom Hardy’s house in London to convince him to take the role.

Tom Hardy got so caught up watching Jodie Comer’s performance in The Bikeriders that he skipped one of his lines.

In an interview with IndieWire, director and co-writer Jeff Nichols recalled how the Venom actor was thrown off by the intensity of the Killing Eve star’s performance in their first scene together.

“She came in with his energy and then Tom countered that energy and got real slow,” Nichols recounted. “He was a little nervous because they knew of each other. She came in with both barrels of a shotgun blast to his chest to where he actually skipped a line. Because he was just sitting there, like watching her performance. It was just like, knockout.”

The crime drama, which recently premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, follows the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.

Nichols knew he wanted Hardy to play Johnny but the British actor’s manager reminded him that Hardy likes to stay close to his family in London.

To convince the Peaky Blinders star to join his film, the Midnight Special filmmaker paid a visit to Hardy’s house.

“I had what I thought was supposed to be an hour-long meeting with him at his house. It turned into a three-and-a- half hour meeting, because he spoke the entire time. And it freaked me out. I would just sit there,” Nichols recalled. “He was vibrating. Because it was so rapid-fire. And I was just trying to keep up. And I got a few good ones in. But then I left thinking, ‘I have no idea what just happened to me.'”

The Bikeriders, also starring Austin Butler, will be released in December.

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