Tilda Swinton wants streaming platforms to build cinemas

The French Dispatch actor wants streamers to commit to film by investing in global cinema experiences.

Tilda Swinton wants streaming platforms to prove their commitment to film by building cinemas around the world.

The French Dispatch actor was speaking during a Women in Motion talk at the Cannes Film Festival, where she has five features debuting this year.

The 60-year-old issued a clear message to streaming firms like Netflix, which does not have a presence at the prestigious French event despite making and purchasing major films, according to Variety.

“I want to see them building and renovating and putting back into every village in the world where they can reach, cinemas where people can have this life experience,” Swinton said.

The self-confessed “cine-nerd” also spoke about her love of cinema, and her hopes for its future despite recent bleak times.

She said: “We’ve all been into that awful dark place when we’ve wondered about the future of cinema. And we’ve got this reprieve (in Cannes) and so we are grateful, and we’re – I hope – more connected back again to what we loved about cinema when we were children, and to that sense of wonder and to that sense of delight and transport.”

Another of Swinton’s new films is The Souvenir Part II, starring alongside real-life daughter Honor. Even though she is clear on the differences between the film and their off-screen bond, working alongside Honor is something she wants to do more often.

“Absolutely, it’s more time to hang out together,” she said. “That feeling of familiarity and and ease and trust is so important with work like that.”

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