Tessa Thompson ‘working towards’ directorial debut

Tessa Thompson is proud of her Creed III co-star Michael B. Jordan for making the jump to directing.

Tessa Thompson is “working towards” her feature directorial debut.

The Thor: Ragnarok actress was asked in an interview with Complex if watching her co-star Michael B. Jordan make his directorial debut with Creed III inspired her to follow in his footsteps.

In response, she revealed she has been itching to direct a feature for a long time but is waiting to find the right project.

“That’s something that I already have been thinking about and working towards,” she said. “But that’s something that, a spark that started for me a while ago.”

The star, who plays Bianca in the boxing movies, noted that she feels “so proud” of her friend and longtime co-star for directing the third instalment, in which he also stars.

“I think I felt just so proud of him because I feel like it’s not just important to – obviously, you want to make a good film. But for me, when I think about what will be important to me when I direct, I also want to make the experience of making the film a good one too. And when you can do both those things, I think that’s when you really are truly a fine director. So I feel very proud of him in that respect,” she added.

Tessa previously told ET in December 2021 that it was “a gift” to be able to support Michael in his first directorial effort and “think about entering that part of my journey”.

Creed III is in cinemas now.

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