Stephen Dorff regrets comments about Scarlett Johansson and Black Widow

Stephen Dorff still has no plans to watch Black Widow or any other similar superhero flick.

Stephen Dorff feels bad about some of the controversial comments he recently made about Scarlett Johansson and Black Widow.

During an interview with The Independent earlier this month, the Blade actor went on an expletive-ridden rant about his choice of roles and singled out Marvel’s upcoming movie, starring Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

Dorff described the film as “garbage” and declared he was “embarrassed” for the star, but in a chat with TMZ on Monday, the 47-year-old expressed regret over some of his statements.

“Oh, I love Scarlett, I think that was taken a little bit out of context, but she’s a great actress… I heard she’s gonna be a mom, so I wish her the best, and she’s an old friend of mine so I felt bad about that comment,” he said, before admitting that he got a little carried away during his chat with The Independent journalist. “I think that guy in England got me in a moment where I was just s**t talking a little bit and I felt a little bad by it. It happens sometimes.”

Dorff went on to share that he had sent Johansson a note following his controversial interview, but hadn’t heard back from either the star, who is reportedly expecting her second child, or her representatives.

And in light of the drama, the actor insisted he has no plans to watch Black Widow or any other similar superhero flick in the near future.

“I don’t really go to those movies,” he added. “I liked Iron Man, I like when they go a little darker, I love the Joker, I’m looking forward to the new Batman, Matt Reeves’s film.”

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