Saoirse Ronan picks her movie roles ‘based on emotion’

Saoirse Ronan has shared that she has a new approach to picking jobs.

Saoirse Ronan picks her movie roles “based on emotion”.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Little Women star explained that she has begun picking her jobs based on how she feels about the role as well as the environment she would be working in.

“Because I am not, in my mind, a very intellectual person, I decide which jobs to do based on emotion – how I respond to the character, how delicious I find the dialogue,” the 29-year-old told the publication.

Saoirse shared that she has recently taken a more holistic view when it comes to considering scripts for potential jobs.

“It’s become so important that we have a nice time, that it’s fun, and people work hard – but not to the extent it becomes toxic and overbearing,” the Lady Bird actress said of her ideal workplace environment.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Irish actress highlighted one mistake that directors can make during a production.

“Some directors make the mistake of thinking that one size fits all,” she stated. “And while, yes, you have to be a leader, actually for the best results, you have to bend towards your actors – adjust to them, and make them feel they can do anything.”

The Oscar nominee added that actors can often have different experiences with different directors, however, it’s all par for the course.

“As an actor, if you’ve worked your way up and had quite a well-rounded experience, you’ll have played minor roles and played leads,” she said. “You’ll have been treated really well, you’ll have been treated like s**t. You’ll have been used, you’ll have been taken care of. I think there’s a real humility that comes with that.”

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