Ryan Reynolds found taking dance lessons for Spirited to be a ‘thrill’

Spirited, also starring Octavia Spencer, is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Ryan Reynolds found learning to dance for Spirited to be a real “thrill”.

In the new Christmas-themed flick, a modern retelling of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, the Deadpool actor plays Clint Briggs – who turns the tables on the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell).

Ryan and Will took dance and singing lessons in preparation for the feature, and in an interview for Collider, the star revealed that he enjoyed taking up a new skill.

“I would say this is a one-time-only deal, but it was a thrill, you know? I think as I’m getting older, I like taking big swings at things. I mean, I have a real commitment, despite the fact that I’m in the middle of getting ready to do another Deadpool movie,” he told the outlet. “I love that I got to be on a dance floor like this, forgive the pun. But it was pretty amazing. I spent my whole, genuinely my entire adult life, wanting to work with Will Ferrell. I didn’t even want to work with Will Ferrell, just hang out with Will Ferrell.”

In addition, Ryan admitted that he probably wouldn’t have been as focused if he didn’t have Will there by his side throughout rehearsals.

“I got to say, it was a real tightrope walk, but the good thing, at least I feel, is that I had this guy with me, Will. We were together every step of the way. We were both in the same boat, and that made it feel a lot less lonely and daunting. We got to kind of link arms and go down this next ripple tap dancing number with each other,” the 46-year-old smiled.

Spirited, also starring Octavia Spencer, is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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