Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Verdict: This action-packed blockbuster is an entertaining cinematic spectacle with jaw-dropping practical stunts.

  • Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Tom Cruise.
  • July 10th 2023
  • Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt for the seventh edition of the action-packed Mission: Impossible franchise.

Tom Cruise has been doing his own stunts in the Mission: Impossible franchise since 1996 and yet he still manages to outdo himself in Dead Reckoning – Part One.

The seventh installment, once again directed by Christopher McQuarrie, follows Hunt and his IMF pals Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon Pegg) as they go up against Gabriel (Esai Morales).

They have accepted a mission to find two halves of a cruciform key before they fall into the wrong hands, like Gabriel’s, and the quest takes them hopping around the globe (as usual).

There is also a new enemy at large; an artificial intelligence known as The Entity.

The system has gone out of control and is able to hack into any form of digital device or communication and tinker with it – meaning the truth is at risk.

What a cinematic action blockbuster! Cruise and McQuarrie have been pushing the boundaries with action for years now but they’ve outdone themselves with this one.

The action sequences are well executed, engaging and spectacular and take place in gorgeous locations.

Cruise’s daredevil motorbike jump has been promoted a lot, but the film has so many other action sequences to offer.

Particular highlights include a hilarious car chase around Rome and a gripping setpiece on a train.

Knowing they are done practically rather than in front of a green screen makes them even more impressive.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t as strong outside of those scenes. The plot is minimal – it is literally all about this key – but perhaps this one is just laying the groundwork for part two.

Despite the weak narrative, the concept is very relevant in this age of AI and misinformation and the script is really funny in places.

There are a surprising amount of laughs in this film, which knows when to take itself seriously and when to have some fun.

Mission: Impossible is Cruise’s vehicle to show off his particular set of skills and it is thrilling watching him defy death for the sake of cinema.

He forms an entertaining partnership with Hayley Atwell’s newcomer Grace, an ambiguous character who becomes an ally.

They both make the movie as good as it is – he brings the action, she brings the dramatic stakes, and they work off each other well.

They are the stars of the show but nobody lets down the ensemble performance-wise, although Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t get so much to do this time.

Make sure you see Mission: Impossible 7 at the cinema – it is an entertaining spectacle with jaw-dropping practical stunts.

In cinemas Monday 10th July

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