Robert Pattinson was terrified doing stunt driving for Tenet

Robert Pattinson couldn’t see where he was going due to the cameras attached to the car.

Robert Pattinson was terrified doing his own stunt driving on the set of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

The Twilight actor stars alongside John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Nolan’s latest time-bending espionage thriller, which follows an agent who has to stop a global threat.

The British filmmaker likes to shoot his footage as practically as possible, with little help from CGI, so Pattinson was put behind the wheel for an elaborate car-chase sequence in Estonia after only a day’s training.

“It’s funny, I did one day’s training for the stunt driving,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought that I wasn’t going to be doing any stunt driving in it, but then I ended up doing tons and tons.

“I remember doing one sequence where me and John David are in a BMW with an IMAX camera rigged on the hood, which means you can’t see anything through the windscreen, basically. And also, if you turn even slightly too much to the left or right, the rig hits the road, which is kind of terrifying. John David’s turning to me and saying, ‘Are you, like, a stunt driver or something?’”

Despite the terrifying nature of the stunt, the 34-year-old was thrilled to be able to have that hands-on experience, as it would be usually given to the stunt performers.

“Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t really be allowed to do this. But Chris has so much control over the set, you get to do the actual fun stuff, which normally would be reserved for experts and not people who can’t even parallel park,” he joked.

The Inception filmmaker responded to the actor’s comments by insisting that the crew made sure he was up to the task before giving him the stunts.

“His day of 'stunt training' was actually a day of ability assessment by our stunt team who found him to be an excellent driver more than capable of safely performing the required shots, none of which, for the record were as difficult as parallel parking,” he stated.

Tenet is currently scheduled to hit cinemas on 12 August.

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