Martin Scorsese to release 'very personal' short film documenting lockdown experience

The documentary will air as part of the BBC Two series Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard.

Martin Scorsese has made a "very personal" short film documenting his experiences during the coronavirus lockdown.

After officials began imposing restrictions to try and stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus earlier this year, the Hollywood director decided to film his exploits while holed up in his New York City home.

The "exclusive and very personal" film will be featured in the finale of the BBC Two series Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard, in which the British professor examines the links between risk, culture, and creativity.

"What I look forward to in the future is carrying with me what I have been forced to learn in these circumstances," Scorsese commented. "It is the essential. The people you love. Being able to take care of them and be with them as much as you can."

In a short clip, the 77-year-old can be seen discussing his self-imposed quarantine at his home, which he said has been "intense".

"We had been working so hard on so many different projects, and things were spinning and spinning and spinning and suddenly, there was a crash - and a stop," the Oscar winner explained. "And at first, there was a day or so of kind of relief. I didn't have to go anywhere, do anything - I mean, I had to do everything, but I didn't have to do it then - kind of a relief. And then, the anxiety set in..."

Beard shared her joy at Scorsese's involvement in the series, and noted that The Irishman filmmaker was looking at lockdown "through the lens" of classic Hitchcock movies.

"I was absolutely over the moon when he agreed to do it for us. It feels a bit like hosting a little premiere. And it all contributes to a pretty amazing finale," she added.

Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard will air on Thursday.

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