Jason Bateman exited Clue remake over Ozark scheduling conflicts

The actor and director would love to return to the project if his schedule allows.

Jason Bateman was forced to exit the remake of Clue due to conflicting schedules with his Netflix show Ozark.

Last year, it was reported the 51-year-old actor/director was circling the comedy thriller, and was in negotiations to direct as well as star in the film alongside Ryan Reynolds.

However, back in February, it was revealed Bateman had left the project and that The Muppets filmmaker James Bobin was in talks with Fox/Disney bosses to replace him.

In an new interview with Collider, the Horrible Bosses star confirmed he was close to starting work on the Clue remake, but had to quit due to his filming and directing commitments on the hit Netflix thriller.

"(Clue is) something that we were getting very close to starting, but as it turned out something of that size takes much, much longer to do than what the seasonal hiatus was able to accommodate. It would have pushed back the start of this season too far. So unfortunately I had to step off of that," Bateman explained.

The Emmy winner added that he would love to return to the project after his work on the show is completed, if the director's chair is still available.

"But if it's still around when Ozark is all wrapped up, I'd love to do it. But who knows, they might put a different director on it before then," he shared. "We'll see. Unfortunately my ability to direct features really kind of - there's a certain size of a film that I just can't qualify for (right now) because of the amount of time that I'm able to give in prep, in shooting, and in post."

The third series of Ozark premiered on Netflix on 27 March. A fourth season is yet to be officially greenlit by the streaming giant, but the makers of the show have already stated their plans for two more seasons.

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