David F. Sandberg shares hopeful update on future of Shazam! sequel

Zachary Levi is set to reprise his role as the superhero in the comic-book adaptation.

Director David F. Sandberg has shared a hopeful update with fans on the future of his Shazam! sequel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Filming on big-budget movies such as The Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion and Red Notice has been shut down as the Covid-19 virus continues to sweep across the globe.

Accordingly, fans soon began to wonder if the follow-up to last year's comic-book adaptation, starring Zachary Levi as the DC Comics superhero, would be affected as multiple Hollywood studios began to postponing cinematic releases and shutter production.

Talking to Comicbook.com, Sandberg tried to alleviate any worries over the future of the sequel, and assured fans that he's working on the script while on lockdown.

"We'll see how long this goes, because I mean, we were going to start shooting this year. But, I mean, who knows how long this will go on? I mean, it feels like every movie gets delayed now, so we'll see what happens with Shazam!" he explained. "But so far, I've been working on the script. We can still do that, so that's being done and then, yeah, we'll just see in a couple of months how it looks, you know?"

Shazam! 2 was due to begin filming this summer and was set to be released in April 2022.

Sandberg also opened up on the rumours that the DC Comics supervillain Black Adam, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson in an upcoming standalone movie, will appear in the Shazam! sequel.

"No, I haven't talked to (the Black Adam team). I mean, I assume DC is keeping tabs, that they have the bigger plan. But I don't know what they're doing. I'm just curious to see it, you know?" the 39-year-old teased.

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