Daniel Radcliffe was determined to do Tim Jenkin’s story justice in Escape from Pretoria

Daniel Radcliffe was attracted to the role because he wanted to tell the “crazy” story.

Daniel Radcliffe gave his “blood, sweat and tears” while filming Escape from Pretoria because he was so determined to Tim Jenkin's story justice.

In the new drama, the Harry Potter actor plays Jenkin, an anti-apartheid activist who escaped from Pretoria prison with Stephen Lee and Alex Moumbaris in 1979 by replicating prison keys out of wood.

The real Jenkin was on set for the shoot and that made Radcliffe work much harder to get his portrayal of the political prisoner just right.

“Tim's lovely and really, really kind and was very encouraging of all of us on set,” the British star told Fox News. “And I think now that we've finished the film as well, he's really happy with it, which thank God. But yeah, when you become aware of we're actually just actors in costumes playing at your life and you actually lived this, it's a very strange feeling, but I think it does motivate you, or certainly me, it motivates you to work even harder and to sort of just invest more of your sort of blood, sweat and tears into doing justice to his story.”

The 30-year-old explained that he was attracted to the role because he loves prison break stories but had never heard of Jenkin’s experience.

“It was the chance to be a part of telling this incredibly cool story about these guys who did something really audacious and amazing and crazy,” he replied, when asked what appealed to him about the movie. “And because they are in prison for incredibly honourable reasons so you can really root for them escaping as well, you really want them to get out.”

Escape from Pretoria is in cinemas now.

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