Robert Pattinson afraid of getting injured while filming The Batman

The actor was cast in the coveted role of Gotham City's crime-fighting hero last summer.

Robert Pattinson is afraid of getting injured while playing the iconic superhero in The Batman.

The British actor was cast as DC Comics’ Caped Crusader last summer, and he told Vanity Fair that since then, he's been overhauling his fitness regime in an effort to keep in the best shape possible.

"I’m doing Batman next year, and really it’s such a physical part that, more than anything, I’m afraid of getting injured, so I kind of need to be consistent with the working out. I have a trainer, who I really love, in London," he shared, adding that he needs someone to watch over him to makes sure he does the workouts properly.

"If someone's not watching over you, it's so easy to work out in a really undisciplined way. I’ve given myself crazy tennis elbow just from being idiotic when you're trying to lift too-heavy weights," The Lighthouse star joked.

Pattinson is a big fan of easy exercises, and said that a quick workout in his hotel room can have the same results as a full gym session.

"I think simple stuff works the best. If you’re in hotel rooms all the time, planking is such an incredible thing to do. It’s really meditative as well. You don't have to think about. It's difficult to do it wrong, and the results are pretty incredible," he explained.

However, he confessed that it takes him a while to get the motivation to start exercise, and likes to double down on his efforts closer to the beginning of filming.

"I think I have a similar thing to most people where I’ll dread working out," he stated. "But in general, just before a job, it's almost always a question of leaning down really quickly. So I'll wait till the last possible minute, and then do (an) extreme lean-down in two weeks."

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