Carey Mulligan calls for overhaul of Oscars voting system

Carey Mulligan has suggested that every member of the Academy should have to prove they have seen "every single" eligible film.

Carey Mulligan has called for an overhaul of the Oscars voting system as she believes it's "not working".

The British actress discussed the all-male Best Director nominees at the upcoming Academy Awards during an interview at the Variety Studio at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sharing her disappointment at the lack of acknowledgement for female-directed films such as Little Women, Hustlers and The Farewell, Mulligan said the voting system is "not working" and suggested that every member of the Academy should have to prove they have seen "every single" eligible film.

"I don't think you can watch those films and not think they deserve recognition," the 34-year-old explained. "I think they need to be watched. I wonder if the system works in terms of getting sent 100 screeners. Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to vote unless you can prove you've seen every single one. There should be a test. The films that did get left out are indisputably brilliant."

Mulligan told reporters that while it was positive the movies were getting made by female directors, it was only "baby steps" and more action needed to be taken to get women recognised for their achievements.

"People simply aren't seeing these films because I think if they did they would be moved to vote for them. The system doesn't work. For a film like Hustlers and a performance like Jennifer Lopez's, (if it) can't get recognised then something's not working," she said, noting the star's surprising snub from the Best Supporting Actress category.

"And Greta Gerwig, again producing an incredible film and not getting recognition as a director, there's just something that needs fixing but I'm not the smart person to fix it," the Oscar-nominated actress concluded.

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