Laura Dern: 'I can finally financially support myself with acting’

The actress has been winning accolades for her performance as divorce lawyer Nora in Marriage Story.

Laura Dern has revealed she can finally support herself financially through acting.

The 52-year-old actress made the surprising revelation during an interview with Into The Gloss, in which she said that despite beginning her career in the 1970s, she's only just been able to support herself with the money she's been making from films and TV.

"It was only this year where I really felt like I could fully support myself (financially) through acting," Laura explained. "I was taught that being an actor was a sacrifice, and being an actor meant you might not make a living. Being financially independent while doing something we love is not a story we've been sold as women... I'm really interested in that story changing.”

The actress, who has been winning accolades for her performance as divorce lawyer Nora in Marriage Story, credited her "fierce" mother Diane Ladd for supporting her dream of being a movie star.

"I’ve known since I was seven that I wanted to be an actor," Laura shared, before adding that she was really lucky to have parents – including father Bruce Dern – who were already seasoned Hollywood stars.

"There was no paparazzi, false-glamour life. Being an actor felt like a practical craft. You worked hard and you went to work like other people went to work. For me, the reality of growing up in Hollywood was the opposite to the idea of growing up in Hollywood," she stated.

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