Elle Fanning wants to direct a movie

Elle Fanning wants to be involved in getting projects made.

Elle Fanning dreams of directing her own movie.

The Maleficent actress has been acting since she was a child and made her breakthrough with 2011’s Super 8 before making a name for herself with films like The Beguiled and The Neon Demon.

She recently started serving as a producer on her upcoming projects, such as Netflix movie All the Bright Places, based on the young adult novel by Jennifer Niven, and The Great, a Hulu miniseries about Catherine the Great, and she now wants to be more involved in getting projects made and perhaps even directing.

“Now that I’ve gotten older, I’m much more interested in developing projects and reading material, producing it, maybe not being in it but just getting it made,” she told Marie Claire magazine. “I really want to direct. I think doing it from such a young age, I learned on the job. I didn’t go to acting school or have formal training or anything; I just watched the crew. So, the way the sets work, it fascinates me.”

However, Elle admitted the idea of helming a movie was daunting, with her adding, “But then I’m like, aaargh, oh God. The pressure of it.”

For now, she wants to continue working with female directors “because of just how important that is” and picking a wild variety of projects, as advised by her The Beguiled co-star Nicole Kidman.

“Because a lot of people are all, ‘You have to be so delicate. You have to choose this,’ and Nicole is like, ‘It’s OK, you’re young! Freedom!’” the 21-year-old recalled.

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