Andrew Scott feared he'd ruined key 1917 take

The Fleabag star plays a minor character in the critically-acclaimed war film.

Andrew Scott feared he'd ruined Sam Mendes's war epic 1917 by fumbling with a cigarette lighter.

The Fleabag star portrays a soldier that the two lead characters, played by George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, bundle past on the way to undertake an important mission in the highly choreographed film.

Yet, Scott was concerned he had messed up the key moment due to a faulty cigarette lighter.

"Never smoke, ever," he told the BBC. "On anything - on stage, on screen - never use a cigarette lighter."

Mendes added: "You can have seven minutes of magic, and then if someone trips, or a lighter doesn't work, or if an actor forgets half a line, it means none of it is useable and you have to start again."

Scott then went on to explain that he felt particularly bad about messing up the scene as only he plays a minor character in the movie.

"You have to work alongside the camera team and the extras but the great challenge of it is you don't want to mess it up, because you're only in it for five minutes, you don't want to be that guy," the 43-year-old commented. "There were days where we did see-saw between thinking, 'Why are we doing this to ourselves', and thinking, 'This is the only way to work.' The feeling when you got it was so great, that you wanted to do it again. But there were some tough days."

1917 is now showing in cinemas.

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