Taika Waititi had ‘no concerns’ about making Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi took on the part of Adolf Hitler in the movie because he believes another actor would have “overthought it”.

Taika Waititi didn’t have “any worries or concerns” making Jojo Rabbit despite the film’s divisive nature.

The Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker wrote, directed, produced and stars in the comedy-drama, which follows Jojo, a young boy who idolises Adolf Hitler, as he discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their house.

Despite its content, Waititi doesn’t believe his film is actually controversial and had no doubts while making it.

“I haven’t had any worries or concerns making this. A lot of people ask if I should be very nervous. I never really felt nervous at all,” he told Uproxx. “It’s not a controversial film! It’s not massively challenging to people just because it’s got some jokes and me doing Hitler. It’s not a film that’s like bad boy’s cinema. Like, ‘We need boobs.’ Or, ‘Oh yeah, we need all the attention because we’re going to do stuff just for shock value. We want the crazy press.’ No, we don’t. We just don’t like that kind of attention.”

The director also portrayed Hitler as the imaginary friend of Jojo in the film because he was convinced another actor would have “overthought” the part and done “too much research” into the dictator, when that wasn’t required as the depiction of him is “silly”.

“I just realised I didn’t want to do any research on this guy. I was just going to put the moustache on because I’m not playing him. I’m playing a 10-year-old in an adult’s body,” the filmmaker explained.

Jojo Rabbit, which also stars Roman Griffin Davis, Scarlett Johansson, and Sam Rockwell, is in cinemas now.

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