Charlize Theron found it hard to empathise with Megyn Kelly

The Oscar-winning actress plays the former Fox News anchor in the upcoming critically-acclaimed movie.

Charlize Theron found it hard to empathise with Megyn Kelly while preparing to play the journalist in Bombshell.

The Oscar-winning actress portrays the former Fox News reporter in the upcoming movie, and she revealed in an interview with Adam Driver for Variety’s Actors on Actors series that she had to work hard to understand Megyn.

When he told Charlize that one of his favourite things about being an actor was because it forces him to "exercise that muscle" of empathy, the 44-year-old agreed, and confessed she struggled to make the journalist likeable.

"This was definitely a reminder for me, at this part of my career, of just going like, 'That muscle needs to be worked a little harder.' Megyn Kelly made it really challenging for me," Charlize explained. "For me, it’s a very personal connection that I have to find with the person that I’m playing, that has to make sense. I have to get to a place where I can actually say to myself, 'This makes sense to me. I relate. I understand.'"

She went on to add that she understood why many people disliked the Fox News anchor, who has in the past made controversial comments about children wearing blackface, body-shaming, and race relations in the U.S.

"Megyn Kelly can be incredibly polarising. There are things about her that live in the extreme. People either love her or they hate her. And she makes no excuses for that," Charlize shared. "There’s a part of her that is so amplified – she comes across really abrasive sometimes, and somewhat aggressive and cold. All of these things that are not necessarily qualities that make you want to hug a person."

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