Charlize Theron amazed Nicole Kidman with Bombshell transformation

Theron credited the work of hair and make-up experts with making her look like the real deal.

Nicole Kidman initially didn't recognise Charlize Theron following her physical transformation into U.S. newswoman Megyn Kelly on the set of Bombshell.

The film revolves around the real-life female Fox News employees who exposed CEO Roger Ailes' sexual harassment, and features Theron as Kelly and Kidman as TV journalist Gretchen Carlson.

The Monster star, who also serves as a producer, has heaped praise on the film's hair and make-up experts for making her look so much like the real deal that her co-star Kidman was left confused.

"It was chaotic, the way we shot it," Theron recalled on breakfast show Good Morning America. "Jay Roach, the film's director, wanted to shoot 360 (degrees) at all times, so it felt like a real newsroom, and so we were always scattered (around the set)..., and so I think for a second she (Kidman) just couldn't put it together that it could be me, and it was from afar.

"But the prosthetic work, the make-up and hair in this film is really top notch. We got to work with incredible people."

Kelly was not directly involved in the movie, but she appeared to give her approval to Bombshell in an Instagram post after recently viewing the film for the first time.

After insisting she would have made a number of edits if given the opportunity, Kelly admitted reliving the trauma of her past - which she detailed in her 2016 memoir Settle for More - was an "incredibly emotional experience".

Theron admitted she hasn't been personally contacted by Kelly, but she is grateful to have had the opportunity to tell part of her story onscreen.

"Of course it must be incredibly emotional to go on this journey again and to rewatch it, so I'm just grateful to all of these women that we have this story," the Oscar winner shared. "I wish it never happened to them, but I think this story is and will be part of a historical moment that really changes things for women."

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