Quentin Tarantino 'steering away' from Star Trek movie

The last Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond, was released in 2016.

Quentin Tarantino is "steering away" from his plans to make an R-rated Star Trek movie.

The director has been linked to a new instalment in the sci-fi film franchise for months, after reportedly making a successful pitch for an edgier story to studio executives at Paramount Pictures.

Previous reports suggested a screenplay is in development, but Tarantino now claims he is moving away from the Star Trek project, for which he never entered an official deal.

"I think I'm steering away from Star Trek, but I haven't had an official conversation with those guys (studio bosses) yet," he told Consequence of Sound.

The last Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond, was released in 2016 and starred Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Elsewhere, Tarantino also admitted he almost chose to hold back his latest release, the critically acclaimed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and make it his swansong after previously vowing to step away from filmmaking after completing his tenth movie.

"In a strange way, it seems like this movie, Hollywood, would be my last," the 56-year-old said of his ninth film. "So, I've kind of taken the pressure off myself to make that last big voila kind of statement.

"I mean, to such a degree there was a moment when I was writing (it) and went, 'Should I do this now? Should I do something else? Is this the tenth one?'"

Tarantino decided not to delay the project unnecessarily, and although he still plans to bow out after movie number 10, he doesn't think his final film will be another big production like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was.

"If the idea that all the films are a boxcar and it's all one train, they're all telling one story. Well, this is the climax, so I can actually see now my tenth movie probably being a little smaller," he shared.

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