Noah Baumbach: 'Working with Greta Gerwig made me a better writer'

Director Noah Baumbach has also praised Greta Gerwig for making him a better human being.

Noah Baumbach believes his partner Greta Gerwig helped improve him as a writer because he was always trying to impress her when they worked together.

The Marriage Story director met the actress while casting his 2010 film Greenberg and they went on to co-write the screenplay for 2012 film Frances Ha and become a couple.

During an interview as part of the BAFTA Screenwriters' Lecture Series, Baumbach replied, "Absolutely" when asked if his collaborations with Gerwig helped improve him as a writer.

"If for no other reason I was trying to impress her," he explained. "She would send me scenes and boy it was so good, it was so exciting to the point that, if I knew maybe a scene was coming, I'd just be refreshing email hoping it would come through. It would always make me feel good if she liked what I sent her or laughed at a thing or something like that. So certainly, on those movies, but I know I've improved as a human being because of her and as a director at least in my eyes from watching her, from working with her, and watching her movies now too."

The pair co-wrote 2015's Mistress America, which also starred Gerwig, who has since gone on to write and direct her own films, Lady Bird and Little Women. Although they're not officially listed as co-writers on each other's projects, they are "always very involved" in the other's work.

In a new cover interview with Vogue magazine, Gerwig, 36, admitted she was "frustrated" that journalists considered her Baumbach's muse rather than co-writer in the beginning and questioned whether he opened doors for her.

"The answer is: Yes, of course, for so many reasons. But he's also this incredibly important collaborator and influence on me. The most important," she said. "But I think I was hell-bent on making my own films, so I would've done it anyway."

Gerwig graces the cover of Vogue with their son Harold, who was born in March.

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