Alicia Vikander's Earthquake Bird co-stars were 'too nice' to correct her Japanese blunders

The Oscar-winning actress plays an American woman accused of murder in the city of Tokyo.

Alicia Vikander’s Earthquake Bird co-stars were "too nice" to correct her blunders when she was speaking Japanese.

The Oscar-winning actress plays a woman who is accused of murdering an American love rival in Tokyo in the Netflix thriller, and a determined Vikander impressively managed to learn Japanese from scratch ahead of filming.

However, the complex language can lead to novices making mistakes with their pronunciation, and the Swedish star recalled her on-screen boyfriend Naoki Kobayashi and the film's crew being too polite to correct her.

When asked if she got help from her castmates while learning the language, she told, "No, actually, they didn’t because everyone is so nice and I’m there saying, ‘It’s okay you can tell me!’ but they don’t.

"They’re always so polite, but there were definitely some scenes I was like running it by (Naoki) like 'Is this okay?' and he’d then tell me.”

Getting to grips with Japanese took The Danish Girl star around 10 weeks, but she still struggled with emphasising certain words and trying not to change the pitch in her voice.

"Finding emphasis of wanting to get your thoughts to come across the way you are thinking is faced differently," she explained. "Japanese is very different from both Swedish and English where I knew exactly what weird sounds I would need to make. By the end, the emphasis became natural."

Earthquake Bird is streaming on Netflix now.

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