Mia Wasikowska found puppeteering ‘so difficult’ on Judy and Punch

Mia Wasikowska liked filming in her native Australia as it meant her family could visit the set.

Mia Wasikowska found handling the heavy puppets on the set of her movie Judy and Punch to be challenging.

In the comedy-drama, the Alice in Wonderland actress and her co-star Damon Herriman portray Judy and Punch, puppeteers who are trying to revive their marionette show in the town of Seaside.

In an interview with Vogue.com, the Australian actress admitted handling the puppets was harder than it looked.

“The performance is quite a physical one. I took horse riding and puppeteering lessons. It’s so difficult, especially with the marionettes we had because they’re very heavy,” she shared.

The 30-year-old works around the globe, so she enjoyed being in an Australian production as that enabled her family to visit her on set and even land parts in the film.

“I got to have my three nephews come visit me on set! They even have little cameos in the film – they’re part of a group of kids who watch me do magic tricks in an early scene,” Mia gushed. “They got to get all dressed up and the bit they loved the most was getting to put dirt all over their faces. They’re in the film for about a second, but one of them made it into the trailer. So, of course, there was a family email sent around with a screenshot of that.”

The actress followed up Judy and Punch with the upcoming psychological thriller The Devil All the Time and supernatural drama Bergman Island, but she insisted she doesn’t just do dark stories.

“I do always want stories to have gravity and weight to them. That’s what I respond to and I think these are the films that really have something to say. These are stories worth telling,” she said.

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