Dolly Parton planning I Will Always Love You movie

Dolly Parton recently turned eight of her songs into mini-movies for Heartstrings.

Dolly Parton plans to pen a film about her mega-hit I Will Always Love You if her new Netflix anthology series is a hit.

The country music icon recently turned eight of her songs into mini-movies for Heartstrings, which debuted on the streaming giant on Friday, and she is considering doing the same with her classic 1974 song - which she told Elvis Presley he couldn't have.

Dolly knew she was right to turn down a bid from Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, to record the tune when Whitney Houston's version, which was released on The Bodyguard soundtrack in 1992, became one of the best-selling singles of all time.

"Colonel Tom said I had to give away half the publishing, because Elvis didn't record anything unless he had half the publishing," she recently told late night host Seth Meyers. "I told him I couldn't do it, because I was leaving that for my family... After Whitney recorded it, I realised that that was the best choice.

"I did write a song later, called I Dreamed About Elvis, and I had an Elvis sound-alike sing with me on it and we did sing I Will Always Love You, so maybe someday I'll put that out, and eventually on the Netflix (series), if this goes on, I'll do a movie about I Will Always Love You too."

Dolly wrote I Will Always Love You as a fond farewell to her mentor Porter Wagoner, to thank him for discovering her and inviting her to join him on his hit TV show.

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