Kristen Stewart chose Charlie’s Angels because she wanted ‘fun’ project

Kristen Stewart prefers independent films because the shoots are shorter.

Kristen Stewart signed up for the latest Charlie’s Angels because she “wanted to do something fun”.

Following the release of the final Twilight movie and Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012, Stewart turned her back on big-budget blockbusters in favour of independent dramas, but she made her comeback with Charlie’s Angels, a continuation of the 2000s films starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore.

When asked by Shia LaBeouf during Variety’s Actors on Actors interview series why she said yes to the role of Sabina Wilson, Stewart explained that she was in the mood for something light.

“I wanted to do something fun,” she said. “I was in the mood for a not-so-harrowing experience. Liz Banks, who directed the movie and wrote it, is really good at normal funny. I was in good hands. I knew that. The movie is so warm. I’m proud of the way that it makes me feel.”

While she enjoyed hanging out with castmates Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott, who make up the trio of crime-fighting detectives, and director Elizabeth Banks, the 29-year-old wasn’t thrilled by how long the shoot was in comparison to her low-budget projects.

When asked what type of set she enjoys more, Stewart replied, “Probably the harrowing kind, because it’s just more fun in a weird way.”

“Honestly, hanging on set with the girls and laughing all day and thinking of silly stupid stuff to say was really fun, but we did it for five months,” she stated. “I was like, ‘Oh my God. I’m still being a goofball.’ I like sprinting. The thing about big movies for me is I don’t know the difference other than it’s just so long. You spread things out over such a long period of time. I can’t harness things in the way I can when it’s short. Long movies scare me a little bit because I feel like I’m going to want to get the hell out of there, man.”

Charlie’s Angels is in cinemas now.

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