Charlize Theron wanted to do Roger Ailes' victims justice with Bombshell

The actress believes the film tackles workplace sexism head on.

Charlize Theron wanted to do the victims of Roger Ailes justice with her new movie, Bombshell.

The Oscar-winning actress plays former Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly in the upcoming film, which focuses on the sexual harassment scandal that brought down the late media mogul in 2016.

Charlize admitted she was originally "s**t scared" to take on the role of journalist Megyn – who claimed her former boss grabbed her and tried to bribe her with sexual favours – and was eventually convinced to sign up by director Jay Roach.

"I was looking for a filmmaker to push me to that last part, and he did it so eloquently that I asked him to join us in making this," the 44-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter, referencing her co-stars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman, who plays one of Ailes' victims, Gretchen Carlson.

And the Monster star's top priority was to ensure that the victims were happy with the final cut of the film, and copies were made available to the women who shared their stories, including Gretchen and Megyn.

"I have complete empathy that this must be a hard process for all of them, but maybe more so for Gretchen and for Megyn because they’re kind of at the centre of it. But I feel that we never went into this to do anything other than do them justice," Charlize explained.

The actress also shared her belief that Bombshell tackles the subject of workplace sexism head on, and for the first time in her 25-year career she is positive about the future of equality in Hollywood.

"Every year of those 25 years I was always asked about the casting couch, and everybody wants to hear about the salacious stories, but nobody ever really cared about what we do about that," Charlize stated. "I feel like something is happening that’s going to actually change things."

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