Rian Johnson hopeful Daniel Craig will return for Knives Out sequel

The movie, which is due out next Wednesday, has enjoyed strong early reviews.

Knives Out director Rian Johnson wants Daniel Craig to return for a sequel - if his murder-mystery film is a success.

The movie, which is due out next Wednesday, has enjoyed strong early reviews - with critics praising Daniel's performance as Benoit Blanc, a private detective called upon to investigate the murder of a wealthy crime novelist.

In an interview with Variety, Rian said that he'd love to make another movie starring Daniel as Benoit - as they had so much fun making the black comedy together.

"I don't want to get ahead of myself," he revealed when asked about a sequel. "Knock on particle board that this movie does all right, but I'd be thrilled to do another one every few years."

Although he has a policy of never writing roles with a specific actor in mind, the Looper filmmaker confessed he thought of Daniel when penning the Knives Out script - but worried the James Bond actor would be to busy to sign up for the movie.

"He was very excited to do it," the director gushed. "I never write with any actors in mind. You just get your heart broken. I just wrote the character very straight. I gave him a Southern (U.S.) accent to make him a fish out of water. Daniel was top of my list, but I didn't think he was available."

Praising the star's performance, he said: "You can tell how much fun he's having cutting loose and giving this big comic performance."

If Knives Out performs well at the box office, Daniel may have time to make a sequel - as the latest James Bond film, which hits cinemas in April, is believed to be his final outing as 007.

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