Ella Balinska forged 'sisterhood' with Charlie's Angels co-stars Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott

The actress loved combining her two passions on the reboot: sports and acting.

Ella Balinska forged a “sisterhood” with her Charlie's Angels co-stars Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott “onscreen and offscreen”.

The 23-year-old plays crime-fighting private detective Jane Kano in Elizabeth Banks' big screen reboot of the classic 1970s spy show, and when filming began in Berlin, the trio immediately bonded over their stunt training.

"We did this weird, three-way, fight-plait thing. It was like a fight braid with our bodies. That’s as far as I’m going to explain it. It was a fight braid," Ella laughed to WWD. "But it was just us making mistakes and failing and succeeding and that little activity was just a great way to bond. And then I think from that moment, all physical boundaries, anyway, were broken.”

The British actress also lived in the same area as both Kristen and Naomi while filming on location in the German capital and she describes their friendship “a sisterhood onscreen and offscreen.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she was full of praise for director Elizabeth, who also stars in the movie as one of the incarnations of Bosley.

"Elizabeth knows what she wants and she will get it. She’s an actor’s director. So you feel safe and you feel trusting," she gushed. "There’s no insecurity as an actor, you’re never left thinking, ‘Is this the right thing?’ She’s so supportive; she’ll be cheering behind the monitors if she sees something that she likes.”

Ella was overjoyed when she eventually landed the role on stunt-heavy Charlie's Angels as it gave her the opportunity to combine her two passions - acting and sports.

“When you do a lot of sport, you gain physical awareness, you know your strengths, you know your limits, you know how to push yourself in certain ways – even mental awareness. It’s a discipline. You wake up and you train," she stated.

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