Kristen Stewart: 'Reviving Charlie's Angels was Elizabeth Banks' idea'

The actress was relieved to be playing a "goofball" in the big screen reboot of the iconic 1970s TV series.

Reviving Charlie's Angels for the big screen was director Elizabeth Banks' idea, according to Kristen Stewart.

The 29-year-old was convinced to star alongside Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska in the latest reboot of the iconic 1970s TV series because she was a huge fan of the actress and director.

"It was really fun. Liz is really funny. It was her idea to revive the movies. I’d never worked with her before but I’ve always been a huge fan. Tonally we’re so different – she can squeeze a joke or a laugh out of anything and I’m the furthest from that," Kristen explained to Collider, before adding she was shocked that Banks wanted her to play the "goofball" in the reboot.

"I was so thankful and ultimately she wrote a really warm, grounded – also very silly, stupid, sometimes slapstick – but also really well-intentioned movie. It’s rad," she gushed. "These girls are actually smart and it’s about women who are friends and who are good people working together... It didn’t lose the kitschy thing because she's really f**king silly.”

And the Twilight star, who is best known for taking on much more dramatic roles, was relieved to be playing the “wily” Sabina.

"My character is wily. I’m the really irresponsible older sister who takes care of these girls... but she never really knows what time it is or where she’s supposed to be. So it was fun to be just a dumb-a*s," she laughed.

Banks also stars in the film, alongside the likes of Sam Claflin, Noah Centineo, and Patrick Stewart.

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