Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson ‘worked differently’ during The Lighthouse shoot

Willem Dafoe likes to rehearse but Robert Pattinson prefers to work in the moment.

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson took very different approaches to acting during The Lighthouse shoot.

The actors star in Robert Eggers’s black-and-white horror film as two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island who slowly start to succumb to isolation, booze, and hallucinations.

In an interview with Mr Porter, Dafoe shared that the duo took very different approaches to the project.

“Rob Pattinson worked very differently from me,” he said. “But I made no judgment on it because he had a different job. And also, I don’t need him to work the way that I work. If I want to, I can work the way he works. He’s a more reactive character. He’s acted upon. So, it was very different.”

As an example, The Grand Budapest Hotel star added that the British actor doesn’t like to rehearse and prepares for the shoot by himself, whereas he likes to do extensive rehearsals thanks to his theatre background.

Pattinson admitted he would use the rehearsal process to “cheat” against his co-star, who he initially found quite intimidating.

“I sort of used the rehearsal process (to try and) see all of Willem’s cards, which frustrated him,” the Twilight actor added. “It’s quite competitive, the two parts, and so I guess I was trying to cheat as much as I could going up against someone like Willem. As soon as I could see that he knew what I was going to do, it would make me really sad. I was trying to surprise him as well as myself every time. He seems to be able to do a scene in an infinite number of ways. I feel like I’ve only got maybe five ways to do it.”

Dafoe also shared that Pattinson would use “wacky” techniques to get into character in the moment, such as sticking his fingers down his throat and beating himself up.

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