Lily-Rose Depp enjoyed ‘diving into the research’ for The King

Lily-Rose Depp and Robert Pattinson didn’t get the opportunity to share notes about their accents.

Lily-Rose Depp had fun “diving into the research” for her character in The King.

In David Michod’s historical drama, the French-American actress plays Catherine of Valois, a princess forced to marry Britain’s King Henry V after he has conquered her country.

The 20-year-old, the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, took on the role because she found the historical figure so fascinating.

“I didn’t know much about Catherine before starting, but I had fun diving into the research,” she told Vogue. “We even had historians on set who could answer questions. Catherine really has a voice and she came from a family of strong women.

“They were powerful, especially for that time period, and I think it was evident from the writing how much respect Joel (Edgerton) and David (Michod) had for Catherine. The women in The King are the voices of reason, the only ones untouched by the greed and thirst for power that consumes the men.”

In The King, Depp stars alongside rumoured boyfriend Timothee Chalamet and Robert Pattinson, who adopts a French accent to play her brother, the Dauphin of France.

Despite their familial connection, Depp and Pattinson didn’t get to work together and she didn’t have an opportunity to give him notes on his French accent.

“I asked him at one point when I saw him, I said: ‘Let’s hear the accent, Rob! We need to make sure these two are on the same family page.’ And he didn’t show me the accent!” the star laughed. “But, honestly, I thought he was great. He’s the perfect foil for the king, and pushes all of his buttons. You need that kind of comedic relief by that point in the film.”

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