Anne Hathaway ready to make another Princess Diaries film

The actress played an American teenager who discovers she's a real-life princess in the hit 2001 movie.

Anne Hathaway is hoping to dust off her tiara for a third The Princess Diaries movie.

The actress played a regular American teenager who discovers she's a real-life princess and heir to the throne of fictional Genovia in the 2001 movie, which helped turn her into a Hollywood star at the age of 18.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement followed in 2004 and there have been demands from fans for a third film ever since.

"Disney, is there going to be a number three?" Anne pleaded during a recent appearance on U.S. TV show Live with Kelly & Ryan.

The heavily-pregnant star is keen to hand her tiara to another Hollywood princess in a final film and admitted that she still loves to take credit for one of her own contributions to the story.

"The mattress surfing is actually what I used to do in my sleepovers, that's why it made it into the movie," the 36-year-old shared. "I didn't grow up with stairs big enough to have an entire mattress - that's princess stuff.

"But it works if you take all the pillows in your house... and you put one on every step (of the stairs) then you take a sled pillow and you go down. It's so much fun. And you put a pile of blankets at the bottom of the stairs to catch you."

While she won't be sledding down stairs any time soon, Anne can certainly picture herself reuniting with British movie legend Julie Andrews, who played her grandmother in both Princess Diaries films.

"She is truly, inside and out, one of the most special (people)," she raved. "Truly. I just think about how she has been all of our favourite for so long, and she lives her life with such unparalleled grace.

"But she's also so deeply, deeply funny - and she swears too which I love."

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