Martin Scorsese: 'Cinema shouldn't be invaded by superhero films'

Martin Scorsese wants cinema owners to still show narrative films.

Martin Scorsese has doubled down on his criticism of Marvel movies and called on cinema owners to show a variety of films.

The Taxi Driver director courted controversy earlier this month when he told Empire magazine that Marvel movies were "not cinema" and likened them to theme parks.

He repeated his comments at the London Film Festival press conference for his new movie, The Irishman, on Sunday, and also begged cinema bosses to not let audiences get "invaded" by superhero films.

"The value of a film that is like a theme park film, Marvel-type pictures, where theatres become amusement parks, that's a different experience," he said, according to the Press Association. "It's not cinema, it's something else, we shouldn't be invaded by it, so that is a big issue and we need the theatre owners to step up to allow theatres to show films that are narrative films."

This echoed similar sentiments he gave on Saturday while delivering BAFTA's annual David Lean Lecture, during which he claimed movie theatres were "all being taken over" by the genre.

"Theatres have become amusement parks. That is all fine and good but don't invade everything else in that sense," the 76-year-old stated. "That is fine and good for those who enjoy that type of film and, by the way, knowing what goes into them now, I admire what they do. It's not my kind of thing, it simply is not. It's creating another kind of audience that thinks cinema is that."

The Irishman closed the London Film Festival on Sunday, with Scorsese being joined by his stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on the red carpet.

Colombian survival thriller Monos was awarded the best film prize at the festival, while Atlantics won the first feature competition.

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