Jai Courtney feared Suicide Squad sequel wouldn't happen

James Gunn has written and will be directing the follow-up to the 2016 comic book movie.

Jai Courtney feared a sequel to Suicide Squad wasn't going to be given the go-ahead.

The Australian actor played Captain Boomerang in the 2016 DC comic book movie and is reprising his role for the follow-up alongside Margot Robbie and Viola Davis, as well as newcomers John Cena, Pete Davidson, Michael Rooker, and Idris Elba.

Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn is writing and directing The Suicide Squad, and Courtney said he was "really excited" to be returning for the sequel, especially as he once feared it might not make it to the big screen.

"I was pumped to be coming back, and to finally be able to portray this character again, and to be with this great group of people. It had been a couple of years between drinks. There was a period there where we didn’t really know if it was gonna happen or not," he told Collider.

"They got a great script out of James, and the decision to work with him was a great one. So, I was stoked. I’m stoked to be here. It’s a fantastic group, and the script’s really exciting, so I have no doubt we’ll deliver something that people are gonna love."

The Terminator Genisys star was also quizzed about what fans could expect from the follow-up, and was hesitant to give out any details in case he got himself into trouble with Warner Bros.

"It’s hard to comment on, so explicitly... It’s a tricky one to answer. It’s incredibly funny, but it’s still very violent and action-packed. I don’t think it adheres to anything specifically that we didn’t try to uncover a little, in the first movie," Courtney explained.

"You’re getting too many details out of me. I’m going to walk myself into trouble here, in a minute... You’re just gonna have to just check it out. I’m that guy that’ll keep talking and talking and talking, and then I’ll have blown the f**king end of the movie."

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