Brad Pitt chooses roles only he can do 

Brad Pitt is aware he isn't suited to the same parts as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.

Brad Pitt chooses parts depending on whether he can bring his own "personal experience" to them.

The Fight Club actor has been more selective with his acting roles in recent years, having only starred in 2016's Allied and 2017's War Machine before making a splash this year with major lead roles in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and James Gray's sci-fi flick Ad Astra.

Explaining how he picks and chooses his parts, Pitt told GQ magazine that he always asks himself: "If I'm gonna do the role, what can I bring to it that someone else can't?"

"It's about bringing my personal experience, my personal humour, my personal, um, embarrassments, and my personal pains," he continued. "When I watch (Christian) Bale or (Tom) Hardy, I can't do what they do. I love watching them. And I couldn't step into that role... I want to do the same thing on my end."

The 55-year-old also admitted that ageing has made him conscious of spending his time wisely and working on projects or with people he cares about.

"It's just getting f**king older!" the star continued. "How you become more aware of time, and you've had more experience, good and bad, with people. And your own wins and losses - the older you get, they don't seem like so much of a win or so much of a loss. Who you spend your time with, how you spend time - it has just become much more important to me."

However, most of the time, Pitt will simply turn projects down so he can enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

"Leo(nardo DiCaprio) and I were having this conversation the other day. I hit this point in the late '90s or early 2000s, where I realised I was chasing these interesting (roles), yet I was failing to live as interesting a life as I thought I could," he added.

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