Kirsten Dunst open to Bring It On movie sequel

Kristen Dunst recently made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss her new programme, On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

Kirsten Dunst is open to dusting off her cheerleader uniform for another Bring It On film.

The actress recently reunited with Gabrielle Union, her co-star in the popular 2000 movie about a team preparing for cheerleading championships, for a Rodarte fashion campaign.

Accordingly, the photoshoot prompted fans to dream up a big screen get-together, and now, Dunst has shared that she would be interested in reprising her role as Torrance Shipman.

"If they wanted to make another movie, I would make another movie," the 37-year-old said during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. "Why not? It'd be so fun!

"We made that movie for no money, zero money. It was a Universal movie, but like one of those that they were like, 'Go and do what you want', like this little, whatever, cheerleading movie."

Dunst went on to explain that she loves it when her projects exceed expectations.

"Opening weekend, we were all so surprised," the star insisted. "It was huge. That's always the best - when you don't expect anything and then it became so huge."

Several direct-to-video Bring It On sequels were made in the mid-2000s, but none featured the members of the original cast.

And in a recent chat with Sirius XM's In-Depth With Larry Flick, Dunst revealed that Bring It On tends to be the film fans recognise her from, despite having starred in critically acclaimed movies like Marie Antoinette and The Beguiled, as well as in the second season of TV series Fargo.

"I've never been nominated for anything. Maybe like, twice for a Golden Globe when I was little and one for Fargo. I always feel like nobody - I don't know, maybe they just think I'm the girl from Bring It On," she commented.

Dunst is currently promoting her new TV show, On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

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