Robert Pattinson struggled to grow moustache for latest role

Robert Pattinson also had to dye his moustache.

Robert Pattinson struggled to grow a moustache for his upcoming role in Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse.

The actor, 33, plays Ephraim Winslow in the black-and-white flick, about two lighthouse keepers who slowly go insane when they're stuck on a remote island together. And while the Twilight actor sports a dark, imposing moustache for the role, he told Entertainment Tonight it didn't come naturally.

"The only thing about the 'stache is I had to keep dying it all the time because my moustache is very blonde," he laughed during a chat at the Toronto International Film Festival. "It kinda looks like... like I'm a 12-year-old with a hormone problem."

The star, who was recently announced as the latest actor to play DC Comics superhero Batman in 2021's The Batman, went on to share that filming the movie was an intense experience, with the majority of scenes shot on location in Nova Scotia, Canada.

However, he confessed the extreme elements helped him immerse himself in the story, adding: "The conditions are nice though. It's nice when something feels real."

Robert appears alongside Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, which debuts in cinemas next month.

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