Lili Reinhart looks at strippers in a new light after Hustlers

The Riverdale star found performing the sexy dances "strange".

Lili Reinhart looks at strippers in a different light after playing one in her new movie Hustlers.

The Riverdale actress wasn't sure she was the right fit for the film, which also stars Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and Cardi B as exotic dancers, but she quickly realised strip club employees are just hard-working women.

"I definitely look at strip clubs in a completely new way," the actress told Entertainment Tonight. "I have so much appreciation for the women who do what they do. It truly is a workout and incredibly hard, especially in heels that are 12-inches long!"

But the 22-year-old admitted it took her a while to step out of her comfort zone on set because performing sexy dances in front of an unknown man was "obviously strange and something I had never done before."

"What a lot of the girls and I realised (while filming was that) when these girls... are doing their dances, I feel like a lot of the time they have to put on a different persona in order to get through it. In order to preserve themselves in a personal way, so as to not give any of these men an in into who they really are," she continued. "It's more like an act or a performance. I think that is something that I had to keep in mind to get myself out of my comfort zone."

Reinhart plays Annabelle in the movie, who is dragged into the scheme by her fellow strippers, and the actress confessed it was refreshing to play such a different character.

"It was quite a refreshing role to play because I usually don't play girls who don't have their head on completely straight," she explained. "She's certainly not stupid, but she's naive and young and I think she really was looking at the older girls to guide her and take her under their wing."

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