Natasha Lyonne: 'I only said yes to American Pie for the money'

Natasha Lyonne feels grateful for the movie for allowing her to have a huge independent movie career.

Natasha Lyonne turned down American Pie "several times" before taking on the role.

The 40-year-old actress starred as Jessica in the 1999 movie and has gone on to star in numerous movies and TV shows such as Orange Is the New Black and, most recently, the critically-acclaimed Russian Doll.

But during an interview on Entertainment Weekly's Couchsurfing programme, Natasha admitted she initially didn't want to star in the cult classic teen film.

"I will tell you the truth, I was very confused by this movie," she mused. "For me, the confusion came from — it was very, almost like a fratty, suburban high school experience that I did not identify with at all.

"I think its also an interesting discussion on diversity, that you can see that the ’90s were another era. I think that, frankly, that was already starting to bump for me then, this idea that these straight white middle-class kids having a suburban, fratty experience that was just not, speaking as a city kid and a bit of a troublemaker, I did not identify with that experience. I turned this movie down several times."

"What made you say yes?” host Lola Ogunnaike asked, to which Natasha replied: "I think it was money, just for the sake of honesty.”

She added: "I’m also very grateful to it because it allowed me to have a huge independent movie career for decades."

The movie also starred the likes of Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, and Seann William Scott.

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