Bruce Springsteen planning new concert film

The Born to Run hitmaker's new concert film will focus on songs from his latest hit release, Western Stars.

Bruce Springsteen is preparing to serve up another concert film treat for fans after recording himself performing his new album in its entirety.

The rock icon recently turned his Springsteen on Broadway show into a Netflix special, directed by his longtime collaborator Thom Zimny, and on Wednesday, the singer revealed they have teamed up for another screen project focusing on songs from his latest hit release, Western Stars.

"We got a film that's looking good, so that will be exciting," Springsteen shared as he made a surprise call into SiriusXM's E Street Radio channel. "We made a film of the Western Stars album. I play the record start to finish along with some other things."

The Born to Run hitmaker explained they decided to film the set to give fans a taste of what the album would sound like live, as he currently has no plans to promote the new material on the road.

"We knew there wasn't going to be a tour, so I was looking for a way to get the music live to an audience, and we figured that was the best way to do it," he said. "It was a great time, so (we're) looking forward to getting it to the fans when we can."

It's not yet clear if the Western Stars special will be another collaboration with streaming service Netflix, but Springsteen hopes to launch the film by the end of the year to give fans something to look forward to while he works on other projects.

"We were excited by the whole reception of the record, because the record was a little off to the left, and I really didn't know what kind of response it was going to get," Springsteen confessed. "But just walking around and talking to fans on the street and seeing how the record was received, it was very exciting and made us look for how we could sort of further that experience without playing live right now, because I'm still working on some other things."

Western Stars is the rocker's first studio album in five years and his first of completely new material since 2009's Working on a Dream.

It hit the top of the U.K. chart upon its release last month, but was just beaten to number one on America's Billboard 200 by Madonna's Madame X.

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