Fans share excitement over live-action Mulan teaser trailer

Directed by Niki Caro, the upcoming movie is a remake of the 1998 animated classic of the same name and stars Liu Yifei as the titular character.

Film fans have taken to social media to share their excitement over the first teaser trailer for Disney's live-action Mulan.

Directed by Niki Caro, the upcoming movie is a remake of the 1998 animated classic of the same name and stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the gender-bending titular character, who impersonates a man to honour her warrior father and fight against invaders.

Released on YouTube on Sunday, the 90-second trailer follows Mulan as she gets to work on preparing for battle while simultaneously appearing to abide by the traditions of her family, and accordingly, fans took to social media to praise the fresh take on the narrative.

"Can't believe Disney are finally giving us a live-action remake that might actually add something new to the source material!" journalist David Opie wrote on Twitter, while film critic Rendy Jones commented, "I give it this, the film looks like it will focus more on Mulan and her being a warrior who comes to her own without a dragon and bug helping her way which seems to be the right forward step. The tone feels rightfully mature as well. I just hope it's a re-imagining than a remake."

Another Twitter user added: "#Mulan was the hero of my childhood. An Asian woman was seen by many kids as the ultimate hero better than Superman, Hercules and Spider-Man. A woman could do greater than men. An Asian woman against the white male supremacy and didn't need a man to succeed in life."

But while many fans expressed delight over the trailer, a number of people pointed out that it appeared the new film won't have the same musical numbers, or an appearance from cheeky dragon Mushu, as voiced by Eddie Murphy in the original.

"Mulan definitely looks like a bada*s... even if I'm sad that the movie won't have any songs or Mushu, this movie looks like it's going to be a hit!!" another Twitter user insisted.

The live-action Mulan, also starring Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, and Jet Li, is set to hit cinemas in March 2020.

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