Sienna Miller wants more female character studies in Hollywood

Sienna Miller found a rare opportunity to explore a female character in depth with American Woman.

Sienna Miller wants to see more female-driven character studies onscreen.

The 37-year-old stars in American Woman as Debra, whose only daughter disappears overnight, and she must live her life without knowing if her child is dead or alive.

During an interview with Variety, Miller was quick to note that there aren't many parts for women which allow them to explore the depth and drama of a character for the full-length of a movie.

"A woman that begins as one person and ends as another, to be able to explore that arc was just unheard of," the mother-of-one explained. "To get that kind of role - it's very rare. I hope that it will happen more and more for women and female stories."

Miller stars alongside Aaron Paul and Christina Hendricks in the drama, and the Mad Men star heaped praise on her co-star, believing her performance is worthy of an Academy Award.

"She definitely deserves (an Oscar nomination)," Hendricks stated. "Every scene I was in with her was 'wow.'"

Will Sasso, who plays Debra's brother-in-law Terry, compared watching Miller transform into her grief-stricken character on set to a virtual reality experience.

"Sienna is on fire in this film. It was like the most amazing VR game. I got to experience American Woman the VR experience," he added.

Miller was quick to reciprocate the praise of her co-stars' performances by saying, "Everybody just stripped themselves down and was completely raw and open. There was no ego around. No pretension."

American Woman is set to be released in the U.K. in October.

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