Tessa Thompson inspired by Time's Up movement to push for better deal on Men In Black: International

The actress also opened up about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

Tessa Thompson was inspired by the Time's Up movement to push for a better deal on her new movie, Men in Black: International.

The 35-year-old stars as Agent M in the film and shares top billing with her Thor: Ragnarok co-star Chris Hemsworth, and candidly opened up about her contract negotiations in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.

Tessa confessed that it was her involvement in the Time's Up movement, which was founded last year by Hollywood celebrities in response to the sexual harassment scandal, that prompted her to push for equality.

"(Time's Up) allowed me to say things I’m not sure I would have said a year ago,” she explained. “The truth is, the system where you assess international value is inherently sexist and racist because we haven’t had those opportunities. The only way to disrupt that is to create new models."

Tessa then told studio bosses that while she was aware of the popularity and fame of Australian hunk Chris, she deserved to get a better deal than what they were offering.

"When we were having the conversation around how we structure our deals, I said, ‘I understand who Chris Hemsworth is and who I am not relative to him, globally and otherwise. But in the success of the film, that changes. In success, I want equity. Because then you can’t make the same argument,'" she shared.

And when asked if she got what she wanted, Tessa coyly replied: "Let’s just say we’re all happy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she opened up about her frustration that Hollywood is still lacking diversity, and wants more equality for women of colour.

"When we talk about issues of pay equity, that means something different to Natalie Portman than it does to me. Women who are not of colour are talking about pay equity with men. (We) are so far away from that.”

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