Taika Waititi set to tackle animated Flash Gordon movie 

Director Taika Waititi is currently developing a live-action version of Japanese graphic novel Akira.

Taika Waititi has reportedly been tasked with revamping Flash Gordon for an animated movie.

The Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker has signed on to write and direct the project for Fox/Disney bosses, according to editors at Deadline.

The news emerges four years after Matthew Vaughn was first tapped to take charge of the remake, only to step down last year to focus on his Kingsman franchise.

He remained attached as a producer as director Julius Avery was brought on board in October, but now studio officials have turned to Waititi to recreate the superhero story in animated form. It's unclear if Vaughn is still involved.

Flash Gordon is based on the 1934 comic strip about an adventurer who battles a tyrannical ruler on the planet Mongo.

The character has appeared in various movies and TV series, portrayed by the likes of Buster Crabbe and Sam J. Jones.

Waititi is currently one of the busiest names in Hollywood, having recently completed production on his latest film Jojo Rabbit, as well as an episode of upcoming Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

The New Zealander was set to co-direct an animated movie about Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles with Mark Gustafson too, but last month, it was reported that he had abandoned the project due to scheduling conflicts and his commitments to developing a live-action version of Japanese graphic novel Akira.

Written by Isaac Adamson, the script for Bubbles topped The Black List - an annual survey of "most liked" screenplays not yet produced - in 2015. The concept was focused on exploring Jackson's life from Bubbles' perspective.

In addition, Waititi is to direct an episode of Time Bandits, a TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam's 1981 film.

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