Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson starring in sci-fi drama Bliss

Amazon Studios' new movie Bliss is to be directed by Another Earth's Mike Cahill.

Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson have signed on to headline upcoming sci-fi drama Bliss.

To be directed by Another Earth's Mike Cahill, the Amazon Studios project has been described as a "mind-bending love story," and will follow recently divorced Greg, as played by Wilson, as he meets the enchanting Isabel, as portrayed by Hayek, a woman who lives on the streets and is convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is not real.

Isabel believes they are living in an ugly, harsh world simulation inside of the beautiful, peaceful "real" world of bliss, and while Greg is doubtful at first, he eventually discovers there may be some truth to the wild conspiracy theory.

"Working with this brilliant cast is a dream come true," said Cahill in a statement. "And we couldn't be more thrilled to be making this with Amazon Studios. As the industry continues to evolve, Amazon proves to be taking the most exciting risks on films with ambitious artistic goals that also aim to reach wide audiences. I feel so grateful to have our film Bliss included among their next round of groundbreaking works."

Endgame Entertainment's James D. Stern is producing, with the company's Lucas Smith serving as executive producer. Marsha Swinton will also executive produce, while Kasra Farahani will oversee production design, with Annie Bloom creating costumes.

In light of the announcement, Ted Hope, co-head of movies at Amazon Studios, commented that he was excited to see the final result.

"Mike Cahill is a brilliant storyteller gifted by a unique ability to craft the truly high-concept idea in a deeply soulful way that resonates with audiences. As a real fan of all his work, I am delighted that we can provide this opportunity for him to take his vision further than ever before," he gushed. "We know our global customers will be excited to see what Mike and his team - Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson, and this fabulous cast and crew - can do with such complex, yet real characters in such an imaginative and thrilling world."

Hayek will next be seen onscreen alongside Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne in comedy Limited Partners, set to be released early next year, while Wilson most recently starred in the adaptation of Raquel J. Palacio's novel Wonder, with Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay.

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