Christina Hendricks fulfilled childhood dream with Toy Story 4 role

The actress also enjoyed being a part of a project that featured strong female characters.

Christina Hendricks' dreams came true when she landed the role of animated mob boss Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4, because she's a redhead who loves ventriloquist dolls.

In the latest sequel, the Mad Men star's character is pushed around in a stroller by creepy ventriloquist dummies - just like the ones she used to dream about as a kid.

"As a child, I always wanted a ventriloquist doll and my parents would never get me one," she explained. "So later in life my husband finally got me my ventriloquist doll and he's in my office. I love him so very much.

"When I came in to do the voice, they were showing me this animation and I said, 'You guys, this is blowing my mind. This little doll has red hair and blue eyes and hangs out with weird ventriloquist dolls. She is me!' It brings up a sense of nostalgia as I was always wondering what my toys were thinking when I was sleeping or when I was at school... I imagined that they had this real life going on."

Christina also enjoyed being a part of a project that featured strong female figures.

"Bo Peep is like a warrior," the 44-year-old said of the character voiced by Annie Potts. "She's the leader of everybody and it's just such a strong, great, role model character. It's so wonderful to watch her do it."

The actress was also proud of the film's overall message.

"There are so many movies where there are bad guys and good guys," she added. "Gabby Gabby starts out as what audiences will think of as a bad guy. And we realise that everyone has a story, and there's a reason why we become who we are, and you have to hear that story to understand them."

Toy Story 4 hits cinemas from 20 June.

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